SomaYoga is a combination of traditional yoga, therapeutic yoga, and the Neuromuscular Re-education of Somatics.

In Somatics, we learn to become aware of patterns in our bodies that are causing pain and immobility. Through a greater awareness of these patterns and the small, specific movements of the shoulder girdle, pelvis, and spine, we can learn to release chronic muscle tension and increase freedom of movement. Therapeutic yoga is based on the 8 Limbs of Yoga of which Asana (or poses) is only one of these 8. Breathwork is also a major focus of SomaYoga, as well as bringing all of the 8 limbs more into balance.


Individual Sessions


45-60 minute sessions: Individual sessions focus on the specific patterns you have in your body. You will learn ways to release chronically held tension and to use muscles that may have become “quiet” to regain balance and decrease pain/stress. A detailed home program is given with each session.



Classes coming soon.



An Intro to SomaYoga workshop is held monthly to introduce new students to the principles of SomaYoga. The Intro workshop is a requirement during the first month for anyone who begins taking SomaYoga classes. A second workshop will be held each month as well, focusing on a specific topic or area of the body.


"SomaYoga with Pam has taught me to use muscles I didn't even know I had. It has significantly decreased my back pain. Continuously practicing SomaYoga with Pam, I feel will help me reach my fitness goals and have the ability to run for the rest of my life!"

-LM, Norwalk, IA